Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Richard Miller-How We Dream 1 and 2

This is how we dream part one

R Miller How We Dream
I watched/listened to the two 7-8 minute clips by Richard Miller on how communication and writting has changed with the web. Richard Miller is from Rutgers University Department of English. He makes several great points about how important it is for us as educators to learn all that we can about the new forms of communication (through technology) and to come up with better ways of teaching our students to use it advantageously. There are three things that he said that stuck in my mind when I listened to this podcast.
The first thing he said was about how this new technology "allows us to articulate our dreams and reach them or find ways to reach them"(RMiller). I agree. This is exactly how I would describe technology to someone who was uninterested or afraid to learn about it. He then says,
"how could we not be interested in this attempt to make sense of the world?" (R Miller). This is exactly right! How could we say that we truly care about helping our students live in the world to come, if we are not ready to live in it now? And finally, my favorite quote from this lecture. He focuses more specifically on writing and teaching a new kind of writing in a new kind of way.He says,
"we do not have a pedagogy at hand to teach the kind of writing i'm describing-it needs to be invented..." (R Miller). I love this! It is exactly what needs to be said, heard, and done. And it doesn't exclude anyone. Everyone is and can be responsible for coming up with ideas to match the new ways we write and teachers should be the one's leading the way.
I think i'm becoming prepared to write with this media, now. I will have to be prepared to do this because I will be teaching my students to write with this media.

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  1. I am confident that you will be a worldwide leader in applying this new approach! Go for it!