Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NML's New Media Literacy Re-

New Media Literacies video
I watched the New Media Literacy video on Youtube at
New Media Literacies and I really enjoyed it. I do agree that these skills are the ones we will need to have and be able to teach to our next generations. As educators, I think it's important to take a look at each skill here (judgment, negotiation, appropriation, play, transmedia navigation, simulation, collective intelligence, performance, distributive cognition, visualization, multitasking)and really think about how each applies to how we live today and what we will need to know in order to live tomorrow. Right now, I think I possess a few of these skills moderately speaking. I am no expert in any of these. I like to believe that I understand how to make judgment calls especially on information that is legit. I believe that I do the "play" skill pretty well, because I am always clicking on things I don't know about (which may be why I have had so many I am becoming better about collective intelligence and sharing information. I don't know if I am efficient at some of the others, but I think there is somebody out there in a chat room, on a blog list, or who may happen to click upon my blog one day, who can inform me of how to incorporate these skills into my life better.


  1. I think its very interesting that you are so curious (even if it does give your computer a lot of viruses) :) I tend to only find certain things interesting, I think it's great that you take an interest in so many different things!

  2. No viruses on a Mac! Aren't you glad you switched. Another thoughtful and perceptive post! Thanks.