Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Alabama Learning Exchange Icon
ALEX is the Alabama Learning Exchange. It is a really neat collaboration of information for Alabama state teachers. It has a section called courses of study where you can pick from any course of study taught in public schools and it will give you the standards for that course of study and what ever grade level you need. It also has a section with a compilation of good lesson plans that can be used by teachers. It is delegated by grade level, subject matter, author, title, school, and other areas such as character education. It has a section for professional learning that offers Alabama Department of Education websites for opportunities, teaching and learning tools, etc. It also lists resources for professional growth and communication. If I needed a specific form for my special ed. classroom, I could go to Alex and look under this section and it would lead me to the educational form(s) I needed. This site also has a podcast gallery where you can download podcasts for just about any subject area. It also has a search engine attached that will help you find accredited information and sites, as well as a help section if you have any trouble.
Personally, I find this site very useful and helpful. It is a great starter for a teacher's PLN and will direct you in the right direction if you are looking for helpful and legit information. I added it to my Delicious bookmarking account. I am excited to use it when I have to start creating lesson plans and curriculum for my classroom.

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  1. I also found ALEX to be an informative and guiding tool for all teachers, not just us up and coming ones.