Sunday, October 4, 2009

ITunesU RE...

Being an ITunes user, I already recognized the layout of the page I was viewing when I went to see what ITunes University was. Basically, it is an add-on to ITunes which allows anyone to explore what the designated schools have to offer through podcast and vodcast. Some of the schools include Stanford and Duke and they have provided a list of topics with a pod or vodcast teaching about that topic to follow link.
I really like ITunes University and think it can be so helpful both to students and teachers. As a student, I could use it for research papers and projects that are required. I could see myself using this in the classroom to show students informative clips of a particular lesson we would be working on and I could also see my students using this site for their own individual research. I searched Language in ITunes University and was led to this link Miami Dade College Home . This college helps contribute to the podcasts and class files you can find under the title ESL- Instructor Kathleen Biache. Overall, I think ITunes University will be a very important tool in the effort to continually learn.

IPod Final Evaluation Report I found that Duke University distributed 20GB Apple IPods with voice recorders to the students entering their freshman year in 2004. They wanted to see how effective IPods would be for course feedback. They found that there was an outstanding amount of research effectively stating that these IPods increased the overall motivation for learning and expanded the academic college experience to new levels. Reported were findings that IPods were convenient for faculty/staff/students, flexible for multiple locations, effective for field research/interviews, and actually enhanced support for individual learning needs.

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